I currently study Creative Media production at Fareham College. I started in 2015 on level 2 and I am currently on the Level 3 course. I have been working on a YouTube channel for nearly 7 years making: Vlogs, Sketches, short films and Media Techniques.


Over the past few years I have made many items in the media industry:

· Magazine articles

· Short film productions

· Animation

· Poster Design

· Journalism


Below are examples of my work which I have made in the past. There is Phantom of The Forest, which was a film trailer made at the end of 2016, we made it a comedy horror using fourth wall breaks. The film was nominated for 'Best Production Design' at The 'Primer Film Festival'.

Then we have my Buster Keaton audio visual essay, this is where I study how Buster Keaton uses camera angle and techniques to make a 'gag' funnier.

Then we have a photoagraphy timelapse all the frames in the video are taken individually.

Lastly we have a editing technique where I clone myself (I know your worst nightmare).

I have made a playlist on my YouTube channel showing all of my work